SL Crazy Press is a Press Office for the dissemination of events in Second Life.
The service is free and for use by publications and groups that request it.

Why a Press Office?
Because I believe that many publications about SL already exist and  they should be helped rather than increased in number. SL Crazy Press mission is: create a meeting place for reporters, groups and publications.
What services SL Press Crazy provides?
First, we seek employees: reporters and editors. We give opportunity to those who write and those who would do it. Support them with the experience of those who have already worked in newsrooms or publications. Anyone want to write about this crazy Metaverse is welcome. There are no contractual obligations. The only commitment that is required is correct: we ask you not to give the same items to other publications. This is because we believe in a unique and quality information rather than copy and paste frenzy that you see on the net.
  Any reporter can send pieces of his own initiative or respond to requests made by publications from time to time. Requests are sent with notice of the group SL Crazy Press (SL) and Facebook.
  Even the editors are welcome. Anyone who has a blog, website or other publication can take items to us or he can post articles available.
How much are SL Press Crazy services?
The service is totally free.The fees are paid by me to the reporter. As long as I can continue to do so. With no sponsor. Without asking anything to the publishers.
I have to thank many of the reporters who carry out their activities in a completely free and continue on this adventure with me because they share the principles that led me to found this Crazy Press. Of course, if the publishers wanted to reward the reporter's articles posted are free to do so.
How much does a Crazy Reporter?
Compensation for employees SL Crazy Press:
N. 1 An article about events in the choice of the reporter (800 characters max) = 100 $ L; reimbursement of up to 3 photos
N. 1 article requested event publication (length decided by the publisher) = 250 L $;
reimbursement of up to 5 photos
N. 1 Article about  :::ITALIAN MOOD::: events (max 1000 characters) = 300 L $;
reimbursement of up to 3 photos
N. 1 Article about :::ITALIAN MOOD::: events (max 3000 characters) = 500 L $;
reimbursement of up to 5 photos
N. 10 photos requested event = 200 L $
N. 1 Finished  movie (maximum 5 min) required event = 1500 L $
Where is SL Press Crazy?
From this year we have an headquater! You can visit us. Reporters can use it as a base to meet up, rez or just to rest . :-) 
What is the SL Crazy Press Blog?
It is a blog for use by reporters and editors, as well as a means of informing the existence of the service.
Here are updated calendars of events SL.
What else? See you there! Reporters, photographers, videographers, editors ... and who knows maybe even supporters.Hopefully this will infect all my madness
Marjorie Fargis

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